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Frankie Ortiz

Senior Project Director

An ex-Democrat who could no longer remain silent. In her short time fighting for America, she has become one of the leaders of the conservative movement, and quickly becoming one of the directors of the Lexit Movement, the Latino Exit from the Democratic Party.

After working on multiple campaigns, including newly elected Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin, and leading several teams on the ground for multi-million dollar initiatives, Frankie has begun consulting several candidates across the country on how to gain the Hispanic vote with authenticity, from congressional seats to gubernatorial and U.S Senate candidates. In 2021, Frankie began speaking across the country humbly sharing the stage with leaders like Senator Wendy Rogers, top human rights lawyer Leigh Dundas, Dr. Simone Gold, Katie Hopkins, Ian Smith, and Candidate for Texas Senate Bianca Gracia, on what it takes to win back America.

Frankie Ortiz
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