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Inez Barrera

Political Recruiting Specialist

Throughout her college years, Inez initiated her political career by working and volunteering for various campaigns. Upon graduation, she smoothly transitioned into a role managing field operations, phone outreach, and peer-to-peer texting campaigns. Her dedication led to her overseeing multiple projects in different states.

During her tenure in the political realm, Inez embraced a range of responsibilities, with a distinct enthusiasm for recruiting and staffing initiatives. After working on numerous campaigns, she transitioned to the public sector, becoming a recruiter. Yet, her enduring passion for politics beckoned her back into the fold. By combining her expertise in project management and recruiting, Inez carved out a specialized role in political recruitment.

Outside of her professional life, Inez enjoys the serenity of the outdoors, the creativity of cooking, and spending quality time with her family.

Inez Barrera
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