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Julia Jaseph

Operations Manager

Julia Jaseph, an operations manager at Vanguard Field Strategies. She is dedicated and hard-working, with significant organizational, sales, and management experience.

Known for her attention to detail and ability to communicate clearly and effectively, Julia has successfully managed projects for clients by applying effective time management practices in high-stress environments. Julia is willing to roll up her sleeves and is a team player who knows how to get things done.

Julia is deeply familiar with politics and has volunteered in several political races, including a U.S. Senate campaign in West Virginia. She grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and loves watching Marvel movies with her husband, walking her three dogs, and spending time with family.

Julia currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia, where in recent years, she has handled a heavy workload while pursuing her degree. She is expected to complete her Bachelor of Science in December 2022.

Julia Jaseph
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