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Taylor Ridlehuber

Senior Project Director

After college, Taylor began her career in the political sphere by working and volunteering for several campaigns, before eventually joining the Oil and Gas industry. Her work there provided her with the expertise and skill required to successfully manage a team while navigating through multifaceted projects. She rejoined her true calling - working in politics - in the Summer of 2020 when she joined Vanguard Field Strategies. 
Taylor has worked in over eight states for more than twenty campaigns that have ranged from mayoral elections to congressional races, and high-profile governors’ campaigns. Her dedication to a project is singular and honest, and she is always willing to give out her fullest effort to ensure an absolute success across the board. 
Her accomplishments include successful petition drives, providing a strong and impactful field presence for grassroots focused campaigns, and the overseeing of multiple projects across different states. 
Most recently, Taylor provided her aid in the historic victory of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. Besides her work in the daily management of field staff, she also managed hundreds of local pollwatchers through early voting and election day throughout the state of Virginia. These efforts, which came with a close-knit collaboration with the Glenn Youngkin campaign, proved to be key steppingstones for an eventual victory in Virginia. 
When not on the campaign trail, Taylor is happiest when around her family and friends. She resides in Texas and has a deep-rooted love for nature that is as almost as strong as her love for politics.

Taylor Ridlehuber
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