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Toni Anello

National Project Director

Toni Ann is a passionate young political strategist. Toni began her professional political career in 2017, joining Wright Williams, and Associates (WWA) as a Project Manager. Toni was charged with leading field teams in door-to-door canvassing for several campaigns in New York and Ohio. This early work in her career gave her a true understanding of how a high-quality ground game helps voters understand the candidate by putting a face to the name. This approach has caused Toni’s teams to consistently exceed their assignments.

Toni’s passion for politics and campaigning predates joining WWA, when she volunteered during the 2016 Presidential Campaign in support of then candidate Donald J. Trump. While still a student at Liberty University Toni volunteered for a phone bank campaign averaging 500 phone calls per day. Proof that she understands the meaning of true grass roots campaigning. It was then she felt a true calling to immerse herself in politics. She sees a great need for this generation to become actively involved in the political dialogue happening today.

Since 2017 Toni has traveled to over 15 states to manage and lead grassroots Field Teams as Project Director in various campaigns ranging from the local, state and congressional level.

Toni Ann is a proud New Yorker who loves pizza and coffee. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching the NY Mets.

Toni Anello
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